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Drug use and desecration at Geduld cemetery

Headstones, some of which have been standing for over a hundred years, have been smashed or vandalised in some way.

The Geduld cemetery has been subject to vandalism and desecration for the past two years, and nothing has changed since.

Headstones, some of which have been standing for over a hundred years, have been smashed or vandalised.

One headstone was even thrown into a manhole.

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The crematorium has suffered similar destruction with many headstones being broken and the ashes stolen.

Decorations such as pots of flowers around the crematorium lie broken and smashed.

The ground surrounding the crematorium is littered with plastic and dog faeces.

An abandoned office building has been turned into a homeless shelter.

Ward Clr Thulani Simelane by the crematorium which has been subject to theft and vandalism.

In addition, a large section of the boundary wall is missing, and pieces of it litter the ground.

Geduld Ward Clr Thulani Simelany says: “Criminal activities are being done here and the cemetery has become a hub for them.

“The cemetery received funds for 2018 /2019 but nothing for 2020 so that’s why it is in this state.

“For a long time the cemetery has relied on neighbouring companies to provide funds for cleaning and maintenance, but they have since pulled out because it is not feasible for them.”

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Simelane says the cemetery has been a thorn in the side of the metro for a long time and citizens abuse it.

He says: “People have been stealing parts of the boundary, they steal manhole covers.

“They also steal ashes from the crematorium and come here at night to do drugs and drink.”

The office of the Jewish portion of the cemetery has also been taken over by the homeless.

The metro have failed to provide comment at the time of publication.

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