Blasted basket-stealing feline!

Suddenly it seems that winter has appeared. With a vengeance I might add.

One minute we were having lovely autumn with coolish evenings but nothing too horrendous, then wham pow bang… it got freezing all in one night. Or so it seemed.

Last night I had a full tummy and was lying on the tiles, relaxing and parking off. I knew when I started to feel chilly I could just take a few steps and flop into my baskie – all warm and snuggly.

We all went to sleep.

Half way through the night I got up to relocate to my warm basket and was quite horrified to discover it was already full with a furry bod.


I gave him the nose. He did not budge. I gave him another nose.

He still did not budge.

Hrrmmmffff… looked at mom for some help but she had her back to me and could not see a thing.

By now I was well and truly chilly. And indignant to boot! I mean that Ralph not only has his own warm and toasty baskie, but he can jump onto the bed and sleep in-between mom and Alpha to stay warm. I can’t fit in Ralph’s basket and I can’t jump on the bed at the moment.Until all the cortisone wears off, I’m a piddly weak doglet.

Must say, I was a tad outraged.

Shook my head vigorously. This makes my tags on my collar make tinkley noises and usually mom wakes up. She lifted her head and looked at me.

You want to go outside Fudges?

Well no, but now that you mention it we might as well. Then I can have a midnight snack too.

So we went downstairs. Did our thing… and she carried me back upstairs again.

I smelled that Ralph was still in my baskie but it was so dark mom had not spotted him yet.

In your basket Fudges… mom said.


I went and stood next to it. She fell over me on her way getting into bed.

Still she did not realize my predicament.

Then some sixth sense kicked in and she put the little light on.

RALPHIE! Mom hissed in an outraged tone. Get out of Fudges baskie. She scooped him up and plonked him in his own bed. He just snuggled down and went straight back to sleep.

At least my baskie was nice and warm.


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