On the big screen: Spook van Uniondale

Starring: Christina Storm, Tanya van Graan, Adam Tas, Ivan Zimmerman, Tobie Cronje, Andre Stolz, Nelda Janse van Rensburg and Andre Schwartz.

Director: Pierre Smith.

Stefan (Adam Tas) is a young businessman who is on his way to visit his folks in the beautiful Baviaanskloof.

When his car breaks down near the small town of Uniondale, his Easter plans change drastically.

He eventually manages to get to Willowmore, where he stays until his car gets fixed.

There he meets some eerie characters and he learns about the legend of the ghost of Uniondale, the story of Johan (Ivan Zimmermann) and Marie (Tanya van Graan) who were inseparable from childhood and eventually got married and whose story ends tragically.

Stefan also meets a young girl in the town, Sonja (Nelda Janse van Rensburg) and the chemistry between them is undeniable.


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