Vosman police tackle crime

The police at Vosman Police Station are working tirelessly to ensure that residents of Vosman and surrounding areas are safe from any harm and misconduct.

In the past week alone they managed to make 46 arrests. The detainees were held on various crimes.

Altogether 19 people were arrested for assault, common and with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm, five for theft, another five for shoplifting and four for house breaking and theft.

Four suspects were arrested for rape, including one for statutory rape.

Two people were found to be intoxicated and drinking in public. One suspect was arrested for each of the following: attempted car hijacking, contempt of court, possession of stolen property, malicious damage to property, driving under the influence of alcohol and for selling liquor without a valid liquor licence.

The community can help by reporting any crime on Crime Stop on 08600 101111 or call Vosman Police Station on 013 659 8400.

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