Substance abusers caught in the act

Substance abusers and sellers were arrested last week.

On January 15, police were out on patrol when they received a tip-off about a man selling drugs in Old Coronation, police headed to his home. He was working in the garden when police stopped, he attempted to flee but police were able to apprehend him along with five bags of dagga.
Another man was arrested in the same area when police were informed that he was selling drugs. Police responded and headed to the man’s home where he was arrested with a single packet of dagga in his possession.

Police were conducting stop and searches in Delville Street. Upon searching a group of people there, one of the persons was found in possession of a packet of pinch, and a packet of dagga, he was arrested.
On January 16 police were out on patrol when they noticed an Opel Corsa parked in the bushes at the corner of Nita and Mandela streets in Del Judor. Police approached the vehicle and saw one of the three suspects throw a matchbox out of the vehicle.

Police inspected the match box and discovered it was filled with dagga and the suspects were charged with possession of drugs.
On January 17, police out on foot-patrol in Diederick Street noticed two men walking about the latrines at the Long Distance Taxi Association. They stopped the men and searched them, to find a number of boxes of dagga in their possession, the suspects were arrested.

Police were out on patrol in Klarinet when they noticed two men making an exchange. Police stopped near the individuals, one of them ran off and police gave chase. They were able to apprehend the man and found him in possession of 10 balls of dagga. They took him to his residence which they also searched and found another 47 balls of dagga. The man was arrested for possession and dealing in drugs.
On January 18 a man was arrested for being in possession of dagga with a street value of at least R300.
He was searched and police found the narcotics on his person while out on patrol in Beatty Street.

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