Man hijacked by suspects driving a car with blue lights

A man was hijacked by suspects travelling in a Volkswagen Polo Vivo with blue lights on the N12 highway.

A man was hijacked by suspects travelling in a Volkswagen Polo Vivo with blue lights on the N12 highway.

The 48-year-old man was travelling in a white Toyota Hilux VVT with a canopy on Friday, February 2 at 19:00. The vehicle he was driving belonged to his employer. As he was driving he saw the polo which allegedly signalled him to stop.

The man stopped the vehicle and the driver of the polo came out. But to his surprise the suspect was not wearing a uniform.
The one suspect got into the passengers seat in front and the second suspect also got inside the car.

The suspect seated in front threatened the man with a firearm instructing him to adhere to whatever they wanted.

At this stage there were now three people in the car (two suspects and the victim) as they drove towards Ogies Road. On the road they picked up a third suspect, after driving a few kilometres they picked up a fourth suspect at Kendal. The total number of people in the hilux was now five, four suspects and the victim.


Brand new car for blue light hijackers

Hijackers pulled drivers over with blue light tactic

The man was instructed to drive to Bapsfontein off-ramp where they stopped the vehicle and moved him to the back of the bakkie.
One of the suspects took over and drove the vehicle.

The car stopped at some bushes and the suspects tied the victims hands and feet with a rope.
He was instructed to face down and not look at them while they were checking the car for almost two hours.
They told the man that if he co-operated they would not kill him.

The suspects asked for his wallet which had money and his bank card inside, they asked for his bank card pin and he gave it to them.
The two suspects left and went to the ATM, while two suspects remained behind with the victim.

When the two suspects got to the ATM they asked the man to confirm his pin number and they withdrew R300 which was the only money in the card account.

Witbank Police Station Spokesperson, Capt Eddie Hall warned people to not stop when they are stopped by a supposed police van, they must make sure it is clearly marked.

“Blue lights do not guarantee it is a police vehicle. If you suspect you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station,” warned Capt Hall.

Witbank Police Station spokesperson offered tips to prevent one from being hijacked.

Avoid stopping at remote places; If something seems suspicious, do not talk to strangers, rather be rude and drive away; Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you; If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off and if possible press your horn to attract attention; Leave everything behind if forced from the car. Your life is more valuable than your possessions; do not resist, especially if the thief has a weapon; Give up your vehicle with no questions asked and move away.

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