Jordaan still in custody

Dreams are shattered. People are gulping up every little shred of information they can get after they lost their hard earned money.

Dreams are shattered. People are gulping up every little shred of information they can get after they lost their hard earned money. In the small town of Ga-Nala a blanket of despair enclosed the tight-knit community.

In the middle of this mayhem is 51- year old Jaco Jordaan who is facing charges of fraud.

Jordaan appeared in Secunda Magistrate Court on Friday, March 2. His bail application was unsuccessful and the case was postponed to April 13.

Messrs Deon Greyvenstein, Johno Walker and Ferdi van Wyk invested with Jaco Jordaan. They show their dismay by holding up placards on which they are demanding back their money.

He was arrested in Brakpan for an outstanding case of 2012 and was granted bail in the Heidelberg Magistrate Court on February 23. He was re-arrested for the Ga-Nala and Secunda cases on Monday February 26.


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According to Brig Leonard Hlathi, provincial police spokesperson, Jordaan drew people in who have retired to invest half of their pension money into his ponzi scheme.

He, under false pretext promised them that they will receive their money being doubled to what they invested. When the agreed time came for the people to receive their pay-outs with interest as promised they were taken aback when no payments reflected in their bank accounts.

“We are told that this amount exceeds R100 million,” Brig Hlathi said.

Mr Willie van Niekerk, one of the investors told WITBANK NEWS he met Jordaan in 2015 and made his first investment in December of the same year.

Mr Jaco Jordaan is still in custody.

He invested R1.5 million and received regular payouts until July 2017. Out of the whole amount he invested he is afraid that he will be loosing R400 000.

“I am not worried about the interest. I only want the R400 000 of my capital back that Jordaan owes me,” Van Niekerk said.

Van Niekerk took a hard knock and said he barely makes it through the month now.
He is convinced that Jordaan has a lot of Kruger Rands hidden somewhere.

“Jaco loves gold. He once told me that if I want to go on holiday abroad I must take Kruger Rands with as officials are not allowed to confiscate it. Once you are in the country in which you want to holiday in you will quickly sell the Kruger Rands for a huge profit,” Van Niekerk said.

A woman who was retrenched in November 2015 invested R435 000.

“I did receive payouts until September last year. From October onwards I did not receive a cent. I am in dire straits, I do not know what will happen tomorrow or the day after,” the woman said.

There are many people in Ga-Nala, Secunda and even in eMalahleni and Middelburg that have similar stories to tell.

A legal representative of the group of investors, who wishes to stay anonymous, said they are busy with civil action against Jordaan.

“All the legal steps have been taken,” he assured.


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