Chase around town results in a collision

Towing vehicle did not back off from armed robbers.

Aviation Street normally a quiet street turned into chaos when a tow truck vehicle and a getaway vehicle from a robbery collided with one another.

On Tuesday afternoon, March 16 a white Fortuner with three suspects in it robbed a tuck shop owner in Klipfontein.

He immediately called for help on one of the radio channels. He continued to give a clear description of the vehicle and said it was a white Fortuner with no number plates on it.

Towing vehicles started to give chase and chased the vehicle around most of Klipfontein area. During the chase, the alleged robber collided with three different vehicles by the Sun One Hotel trying to get around.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Fortuner would stop now and then and offload a suspect, before moving on.

At one stage the driver placed number plates on the vehicle to try to get away from the vehicles that were on to him.

Eventually, the driver was the only person in the vehicle; he drove into Tasbet Park area. The tow truck vehicles followed him when they got into Aviation Street; two towing vehicles drove side by side up the road as the Fortuner came down the road.

There was no place for the Fortuner to go and the driver did not slow down but collided head-on into the tow truck.

The suspect climbed out of his vehicle ran into an empty house and disappeared.

Police arrived on the scene shortly afterward. The investigation is ongoing.

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