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Kopanang learners educated about drug abuse

EYASA encouraged children to help and support one another during difficult times.

Croswell Libazi of the Emalahleni Youth Against Substance Abuse (Emalahleni Youth Against Substance Abuse), an NGO organisation is on a mission. He wants to see eMalahleni as a drug-free society and is encouraging learners about the importance of education. His organisation started an awareness campaign addressing different topics in schools.

Ms Zama Ngema addressing learners during an awareness campaign held at Kopanang Secondary School on Friday, October 29.

The programme was started at Elukhanyisweni Secondary School on Thursday, October 14 and other schools. On Friday, October 29 they visited Kopanang Secondary School. The topics that were covered were: Life after matric, bullying, cyberbullying, depression, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, social crime, child pornography and other topics. Libazi accompanied by Ms Zama Ngema and Nomathandazo Mathole said that they were concerned as an organisation and that is why they feel that something needs to be done about the raised issues.

Learners of Kopanang Secondary School during an awareness campaign held at the school on Friday, October 29.

They encouraged and motivated the learners to study and set themselves goals. They told them that eMalahleni was number one in drug usage in the country and that was a big concern. The learners were also told to form study groups if they find it hard to study on their own. They were encouraged to help and support one another during difficult times.

“Teachers can also help if approached to help in studying; they really do want to help. Ask if you and a few friends can be helped in your study group. Being in the presence of your teacher will help motivate you to actually study, and you have the bonus of having an expert in the room to help. If you’re putting off studying because the material is confusing and overwhelming, this strategy is bound to help,” said Libazi.

He told learners to think about why they need to study and why they want to do well in their studies. They were told to test a few strategies and find one that works for them. Other schools that were covered were Bonginsimbi Secondary School, W. H. de Klerk School, Pine Ridge Combined School, and Edu-College. They will also visit Coronation Secondary School and Reyno Park High School during the coming weeks. Read More: 




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