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Higher rainfall and temps for KZN this autumn

South Africa can expect higher-than-average winter temperatures

Differing from the rest of the country, parts of KZN and the Eastern Cape can expect higher-than-average rainfall and higher-than-average temperatures from March to May.

This is according to the SA Weather Service’s long-range prediction system whose data shows the El Niño-Southern Oscillation’s (Enso) strong El Niño state to weaken as the country heads into winter.

While the SAWS Ocean Atmosphere Global Climate Model forecasts lower-than-average rainfall for most of the country during autumn (March, April, May), the same cannot be said for parts of KZN and the Eastern Cape.

In June, July, August, however, KZN will fall in line with the rest of the country and experience its drier, cooler months.

The whole of South Africa is, however, expected to experience higher-than-normal temperatures throughout autumn and winter.

The transition from summer to autumn also sees a higher prevalence of cut-off low (COL) systems, affecting the southern and southeastern coastal areas.

Cape Town is on high alert at present as a COL system is expected to bring strong winds and much rainfall to the region this week.


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