BLOGGING THE VIEW: Christmas activities on a budget

With less than a week to go before Christmas, you’ve undoubtedly blown both your December salary, additional bonus and possibly even January’s budget by now, but you still have to keep the family entertained

Fear not, there are still quite a few activities you can enjoy this holiday season on a shoestring budget, so keep that festive spirit going!

Make Christmas cookies

Dig around in the pantry for some easy-to-make cookie ingredients, get some Christmas cookie cutters (or just get creative with a knife) and get baking. You can decorate them with colourful icing and whatever other sprinkly treats you have. If you’re really down to your last cents, then can the cookies and just make and bake some play dough. Not great to eat, but will still be fun for the little ones.

Visit Father Christmas

Most major shopping centres will arrange for a (hopefully) realistic Father Christmas to visit and listen to the many demands of young girls and boys. Check out Father Christmas’ schedule and make a trip to the mall for a free and memorable visit.

Christmas-themed games

Get creative with some family-favourites and have a non-stop Christmas-themed games’ competition – you can even invite your other broke friends to participate! Some ideas for games are:

• 30 Seconds with only Christmas-related topics

• Pictionary or Charades with all Christmas clues

• Christmas movie trivia

• Guess the Christmas carol

• Snowball toss: throw marshmallows into a team-mate’s mouth to win

• Two truths and a lie with only Christmas-related items

• Christmas paper plate: place a paper plate on your head and try draw a tree

Have a Christmas braai

This also works well if there’s load-shedding or you simply can’t afford electricity. Have a fun, family braai, but make sure to make roasted marshmallows for smores.

Have a pyjama day

Choose a rainy day to really chill out – pyjamas and Christmas movies all day, pizza and popcorn snacks. Today the rules go out the window and fun reigns!

Visit a nature reserve

What better way to spend some family time than in nature? While many nature reserves have a marginal entry fee, they will usually waive this fee on public holidays. Take advantage, and enjoy a day among the local wildlife.

Head to the beach

You can’t get better free entertainment than a day at the beach – everyone loves it. Pack a picnic lunch, some buckets and spades, and enjoy relaxing next to the soothing sounds of the sea.



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