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What to do when confronted with corrupt activity

Reports of traffic law enforcement not following the rule of law is common nowadays, but what do you do if you feel the law's conduct was unlawful?

The National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit (NTACU), urges the public to report all suspicious conduct for investigation.

The NTACU investigates cases of alleged corruption within the road traffic fraternity, at testing centres and illegal dealings when motorists are pulled over for speeding, among others.

Suspected fraudulent and corrupt activity can be reported by phoning the NTACU hotline on 0861-400-800 or a report can be directly send to

Here’s what’s required when reporting fraudulent and corrupt activity:
• Place where suspected fraudulent and corrupt activity occurred.
• Date and time of the incident.
• Names of people involved.
• Amount of money involved or description of gratification/gift/token of appreciation given.
• Any other information or proof which may exist.

The NTACU was established in 2012 as a response to the challenges of ethical conduct facing the road traffic fraternity.
Its key mandate is to eliminate fraud and corruption on national, provincial and local roads by ensuring the safety of all drivers, vehicles and road users.

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