Winter hair trends

Forget waiting for summer! Blonde is one of winter’s hottest hair trends. Here’s what you need to know…   

Lighter hair hues such as silver, platinum, strawberry and honey blonde are all having their moment in the spotlight, turning typical winter hair advice (to choose warmer shades) on its head!

But going from brunette to blonde is a major transformation and one that can ruin your hair if not done right. Ideally, you should go the professional route and lighten your hair in stages to minimise the risk of damage. This could mean starting off with highlights, balayage or ombré colour techniques before going fully blonde or silver.

Dehydration and brittleness are common side effects of the bleaching process, so be prepared to spend more time and effort maintaining a lighter, hair colour.

For best results, keep these tips in mind:

Use as little heat as possible
Styling tools such as flat irons, curling wands and hairdryers can all damage hair, so use them sparingly and with caution. Lower the temperature setting on each one and use a heat protectant spray on your hair before styling it. You can also cut back on blow-drying by stretching hair washes to an extra day with products such as COLAB Dry Shampoo (R89.95) to absorb excess oil and odours.

Invest in blonde shampoo and conditioner
Blonde hair has unique needs, so choose products specifically designed for it, like Creightons Sunshine Blonde Extra Moisturising Shampoo (R99.95) and Conditioner (R99.95), which contain pro-vitamin B5 and sunscreen. 

Embrace hair masks and hair oils
Colour-treated hair requires more hydration than usual. A weekly hair mask will keep locks healthy, as will nourishing oils applied after every wash and condition. We like OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Hair Mask Extra Strength (R209.99) and Marc Anthony Grow Long Anti-Break Oil Caffeine & Ginseng (R194.99).

Try a purple shampoo
If you want to maintain the tone of your colour and avoid brassiness, purple shampoo is a must. Try Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo (R120) and Intensive Conditioner (R120) with violet pigments to brighten coloured, natural, or highlighted platinum, blonde, white and grey hair.

Sleep on silk
It sounds indulgent, but silk pillowcases reduce the amount of friction hair experiences when we move during our sleep and also prevents moisture loss. They have skincare benefits too. 

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