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Organisation equips youth with skills

A friend told her about Siyabonga Africa and she contacted the organisation to register for a computer training course.

Brakpan-based NPO Siyabonga Africa is playing its part in addressing skills shortages in South Africa.
Situated along Muriel Brand Street in Brenthurst, the organisation helps poor and disadvantaged people gain marketable skills to enable them to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families.
Among the courses offered are life skills, welding, vegetable gardening, fashion design, bread baking and computer literacy.
One of their former students is 25-year-old Amanda Malatse from Kwa-Thema.
After completing a computer course, Amanda is now employed at Brakpan High School.
When asked about her childhood, Amanda explained she never had a stable home because her mother always worked and would only come home at month-end.

Skills development opportunity for unemployed youth

As a result, Amanda stayed wherever she could. She did, however, learn to be responsible, hard working and independent.
She has been looking for a job since 2018.
A friend told her about Siyabonga Africa and she contacted the organisation to register for a computer training course.
The reason for her choice of the computer course was that at every job interview a computer qualification is required.
“I have never worked on a computer or laptop before. It happened for the first time when I came to Siyabonga,” said Amanda.
After completing the course, she was advised to update her CV and to contact the Yes4Youth website to register.

Mpho Ama Mohapi Coaching will host a free workshop on Saturday at KwaThema Skills Centre

After three days she was called for an interview, and after three weeks she was employed.
Amanda does Covid-19 screening at Brakpan High School but will soon become a teaching assistant.
“Thanks to Siyabonga Africa for the computer skills you have given me,” said Amanda, adding the course has changed her life for the better.
Amanda’s success is just one of many emerging from the organisation.
“Knowing we have made an impact on youth such as Amanda enables us to find more innovative ways of reaching out to what Siyabonga Africa calls our change agents,” said Anna Thaoge from Siyabonga Africa.
“We want to change the mindset and outcome of our youth in South Africa.”
For more information about Siyabonga Africa, visit www.siyabongaafrica.org.za or call 011 744 4350.

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