Update on municipal property rates general valuation roll

The extension will accommodate the delays in receiving objections outcomes and, after that, the reasons for the results from the municipal valuer.

The MMC for Finance and Economic Development, Graham Gersbach, is pleased to advise residents the deadline for appeals against the outcomes from the Municipal Rates General Valuation Roll 2021 to 2025 has been extended.
The amended appeal deadline will now run from March 3 to April 29.
The extension will accommodate the delays in receiving objections outcomes and, after that, the reasons for the results from the municipal valuer.
The City aims to have outcomes uploaded onto the Siyakhoka website linked to the accounts for each registered property by February 28.
Unregistered property owners can register at Ekurhuleni Siyakhokha.
Should you have any difficulties registering on Siyakhokha, you can email, phone 011 999 5102 or visit the Siyakhokha website at for details on how to register.

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Gersbach responded to some frequently asked questions regarding the valuations roll:
Question: Will an option for residents to submit appeals electronically via email to the appeals board secretary be made available?
Response: Only the chairperson of the valuation appeals board can approve this option for submissions. On March 9, the City will meet with the Gauteng Provincial Government COGTA MEC and his department and the valuation appeals board members (the members). This is where COGTA will introduce the members to the CoE, and the induction session will be conducted. In this introductory meeting, we will raise the issue of online submissions.
Question: What should residents do if they don’t have access to customer care centres to scan and email their supporting documentation?
Response: The secretary of the valuation appeals board handles all appeals. Manual submissions have been used since the inception of the MPRA in 2009. Residents should note that appeal processes are legal court processes that are dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, the City does not have the necessary staff to attend appeals at CCCs.
Question: Will the City set up satellite points at the customer care centres and where residents don’t have access to the internet?
Response: The City will consider this proposal after the valuation appeal board has decided whether to allow online submissions and online meetings. However, the shortage of staff required for such an undertaking warrants a needs analysis and feasibility study. Residents should consider requesting assistance from family and friends where there is a need.

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Questions: Will the appeal board hearings take place virtually?
Response: The City will ask the appeals board whether residents can attend the meeting virtually on March 9.
Question: OUTA and RAG made the following claim in their joint press statement: “The City agreed that it will not proceed with any form of termination notices if an account has been flagged following the lodging of an objection. This means that the City will not terminate services if a property owner has made a payment arrangement with the City (RAG and OUTA proposed the tendering of an 8% increase) pending the outcome of an appeal.”
Response: This claim is incorrect. Residents intending to submit an appeal have to make payment arrangements based on their appeal’s proposed or actual property valuation. The City notes that residents and associations felt an extension to April 29 was unnecessary. Gersbach thought that an extension would create a fair process for all residents who have been battling with their appeals.

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