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Springs Corporate League continues to grow

The Springs Corporate League is a soccer team comprised of players who work for companies in Springs, with some in Nigel meeting on Fridays to play friendly soccer matches against each other.

A love for football birthed the success of Springs Corporate League (SCL), which has been running since last year March.

The SCL is a social soccer league aimed to bring together companies and professionals in the form of networking and social gatherings.

SCL chairperson Klaas Ramaboea said SCL was formed after soccer players working in Springs and some in Nigel would meet on Fridays to play friendly matches against each other.

“Having seen the outcome of the friendly matches, we thought we should formalise and have a structure for all interested teams,” said Ramaboea.

“In that way, we have control in terms of the safety and timing of the matches. When we started, we had nine teams, but we have since grown to 16 teams, with four more teams still on our waiting list.”

Ramaboea believes strongly in the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.

“Our main mission is to grow the SCL to make it more appealing. We want to pride ourselves on discipline throughout while promoting brotherhood and good sportsmanship as our highest priority,” said Ramaboea.

SCL seeks to provide an amazing opportunity for team development while lessening the burden of their nine-to-five jobs.

“The idea is not to injure each other but to enjoy the friendly games where, at the end of the season, the best team also gets rewarded.”

Teams that are interested in joining SCL are welcome to contact Ramaboea on 073 825 0135.

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