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Church’s career expo to benefit youth

The event will take place at All Souls Anglican Church.

Tsakani – All Souls Anglican Church youth ministry will host a career expo on May 25. The organisation believes career expos are crucial for Grades 10 and 12 learners because they are valuable opportunities to explore career options and gain insights into various industries.

“These events bring together employers, educational institutions, and industry professionals to showcase various careers and offer guidance to learners as they prepare to enter the workforce or continue their education,” explained Nosipho Msiza, a member of the youth ministry.

This will not be their first expo. Msiza said the events give learners a chance to explore careers.

“Grades 10 and 12 learners are often at a critical stage in their academic journey when they need to start thinking about their future careers.

“Such events expose them to careers and industries they might not have considered before, helping them explore different options and identify potential areas of interest.

“This early exposure is crucial in helping learners make informed decisions about their future careers. They allow learners to network with professionals from various industries, employers, and representatives from educational institutions.

“Building these connections can help learners expand their professional network, gain insights into different industries, and discover potential internship or job opportunities.

“Networking at a young age can be incredibly beneficial because learners start building their professional connections early,” she explained.

Career expos offer information about various careers, educational requirements, job prospects, and industry trends.

“Attending a career expo can be highly motivating for learners because they see firsthand the diverse range of career options available.

“By interacting with successful professionals and learning about their career journeys, learners can feel inspired to pursue their passions and interests.

“Witnessing the possibilities firsthand can fuel their motivation to work towards their career goals,” she added.

Msiza said that for Grade 12 learners especially, career expos give information about various educational pathways, including college programmes, university degrees, vocational training and apprenticeships.

“They can learn about the requirements for various academic programmes, scholarships and financial aid opportunities, allowing them to make informed decisions about their post-secondary education.

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“They will get insights into current industry trends, emerging fields, and in-demand skills.

“By staying informed about the evolving job market, learners can better align their interests and skills with opportunities likely to be in future demand.

“Understanding industry trends can help students make strategic decisions about their education and career paths,“ she concluded.

The event will run from 10:00 at the church (corner of Hlakwana and Machobane streets).

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