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EMPD engages learners at three schools

The EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit visited three schools to teach learners about bullying and substance abuse.

The EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit officers visited James Nkosi, Geluksdal and Thembalikazulu primary schools to talk about bullying and substance abuse on May 24.

EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa said Youth Month is looming.

“The EMPD officers will continue to visit schools throughout the CoE to remain a step ahead by engaging in talks about substance abuse and bullying.”

Several major contributing factors lead to children behaving in a certain way. One example is exposure to domestic violence or substance abuse at home.

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The officers engaged the learners on the dangers and consequences of substance abuse and encouraged them to speak to a teacher if something bothers them.

The officers told them not to open up to strangers easily. They strongly emphasised not to take what does not belong to them, such as stealing a fellow learner’s stationery, because that leads to crime.

Officers encouraged the learners to report incidents and to avoid fights on the playground. Thepa said bullying and substance abuse had become a burning issue at schools in recent years.

However, the EMPD, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, would continue to collaborate in fighting these social ills.

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