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EMPD engages the community

Law enforcement officers regularly engage the public on pressing issues to educate them about the impacts these issues have on society.

KwaThema – EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit officers engaged community members at White City on May 24.
EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa said the engagement focused on child neglect and domestic violence.

“At the White City Clinic, the EMPD officers engaged mothers on child neglect and how they can make a difference. Many street children live in abandoned buildings, under bridges, sleep on cardboard boxes, in parks or the street, in abandoned vehicles and stormwater pipes.

“The EMPD saw it fit to address the matter at the root, where it starts for children to run away from home,” said Thepa.

She further added there are many contributing factors to the issue.

“There are many contributing factors, such as hunger, poverty, physical and sexual abuse and family breakdown.

“Officers addressed the importance of mothers and fathers to give primary care to a child and not to expose children to bad habits like smoking and drinking in their presence.”

Thepa further added a stern focus was placed on the dangers of living on the streets.

”Children can be exposed to things such as substance abuse, gangs, health problems and malnutrition.”

Thepa emphasised alcohol abuse was one of the major contributing factors that fuel domestic violence.

The EMPD will further engage the public in child protection throughout the City of Ekurhuleni.

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