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We loved them, and they now gone

Losing someone you love is a heartache you have to live with for the rest of your life.

Last week the world woke up to the news of the death of one of the best Nigerian actors, Muna Obiekwe.

At times we look at the situation and ask God if why something so sad and painful can happen, often forgetting that we will all take the same journey one day.

After hearing the news about Nollywood’s gifted actor who brought entertainment into our homes through his unique acting skills, I thought of his family and how it must be affecting them.

When death strikes, it does not only affect the deceased’s family, but their colleagues, friends and neighbours as well.

If your loved one has passed away, the memory that remains in your mind is the one of when you last saw them.

It was 17 years ago when my father died, however the pain still feels like it was yesterday.

As time goes on one thinks that those who were close to the deceased are strong, not knowing the deep scars left by the death of their loved one.

It is when a family is faced with a difficult situation when other family members take advantage of the mourning family.

It is true that not everyone in the family feels the loss.

Others see the opportunity to get rich by fighting over the deceased’s wealth which he prepared for the future of his children when he is no longer around to take care of them.

This world needs people who will be there for each other when things become tough.

Be a friend and a neighbour who really cares, try to be trustworthy in this wicked and heartless world.

I know there are some good people out there, but where are they?

If we unite as neighbours, we build a united community which will produce a united country that will eventually result to a united continent and world.

The one thing that will forever live in my mind is what my father told me on his deathbed.

He said one tree can never make a forest, but each tree needs other trees to make a big and unshakable forest.

Whenever I think that I won’t be able to live without him and what other people are going through after losing their loved ones, I wish there is life after death, life without the bad things we have experienced in this current life.

May Obiekwe’s soul and the souls that we have lost so far rest in peace.

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