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Should I let my teen go on holiday with her boyfriend’s family?

There is no "correct" answer to the question of whether you should allow your daughter to go on holiday with her boyfriend.

Let’s set the scene. Your teenage daughter has asked if she can go away with her boyfriend’s family for the upcoming long Easter weekend. You’re unsure whether the answer should be a resounding yes, or a straightforward no.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but these questions may assist you in making a decision:

How well do you know the family?

A significant factor to consider is your comfort level with your teen’s boyfriend’s family. How well-acquainted are you with them, and how well-aligned is their parenting style with yours?

Do you know where they’re going and what they’ll b doing?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. Prepare a list of questions to ask your teen’s boyfriend’s family to ascertain your comfort level. For instance, “What is the plan regarding accommodations?”, “Where will my child be sleeping?”, “How will the daily schedule be organised?”.

How mature is your teenage daughter?

Do you have confidence in your daughter’s judgment? Is she conscientious, accountable, and truthful, or is she prone to impulsivity and rebellion?

How serious is the relationship?

Another aspect of your daughter’s personality to consider is the nature of her relationship with her boyfriend. Is it apparent that this is a mutually respectful, mature, and secure romance? If you have any doubts about who he is or how they interact as a couple, you should exercise caution. Of course, if any red flags indicate that he does not treat her well or is unreliable, you probably already know the best answer.

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