Suspected house robber caught

A woman saw a man jumping over her wall and roaming around her property.

ALBERTON NORTH — A case of attempted house breaking was opened at the Alberton Police Station following the arrest of a man in Alberton North on August 14.

Tyrone van der Merwe, spokesperson for CPS security, said a client informed them that she had seen someone climbing over her front wall and entering her property.

“She informed us that he was roaming around the property looking for a way to get in. Our control room dispatched four reaction vehicles to investigate.”

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Van der Merwe said two vehicles went to the back of the property and another two were dispatched to the front.

“As our reaction team stopped in front of the property, the suspect jumped over the wall at the back which borders a veld. Unfortunately for him we were already one step ahead as two of my reaction officers were waiting on the other side.”

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The suspect was detained until the police arrived on the scene.

“We have noticed an increase in crime in the Alberton area and urge residents to please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.”

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