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WATCH: Great outing for women at The Glen

Past Nandh said prayer warriors out there need to rise up and start to pray for their families and communities.

Quwm Ministries hosted its first women’s event on August 27 at the NuMetro Cinema, The Glen Shopping Mall.

What a spectacular event it was. It was a free event for all women. They were welcomed by the Quwm leadership on the red carpet.

Popcorn and cooldrink were served as they watched a powerful movie called War Room. The women laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Some of these wonderful women experienced watching a movie at a cinema for the first time in their lives. They were blessed with snacks, dessert, prizes while testimony and games took place.

Pastor Glenn Nandh said there was dancing and laughter.

“The women from all walks of life were spoilt and treated like queens. Thank you to all our generous sponsors that made this event possible.

“These wonderful women of God received prizes in the form of massage vouchers, reflexology vouchers, books, perfume, pamper products, portable full body massagers, mini massagers, prayer cloths and essential oils, Bibles, Tupperware, the War Room DVD’s to ‘pay it forward’ and one lucky winner received a Samsung tablet,” he said.

“It is just so exciting to be a blessing to others,” he said.

”Quwm, which is a Hebrew word, means Arise! I want to encourage us all to arise and put our hands on the plough, there are many people out there that need help, #someonehelpsomeone.

“You know as a pastor I never knew there were so many hurting people, especially women out there.

“Every prophetic word spoken was accurate and I have realised that once that word is spoken God wants healing and restoration to begin, whether it be in marriages, relationships, finances, and health. God is still on the throne, He is still healing, delivering, restoring, and saving.

“I can tell one thing for you that God is doing something in our communities, I have seen over 300 kids over the past year or so all below the age of 12 years old lining up for prayer as if we were handing out sweets.

“These kids are crying out for help and so are families. Something must be done. All the prayer warriors out there rise and start to pray for your families and communities, we all need it,” he noted.

The service at the NuMetro Cinema starts at 09:00 on Sundays and the parking tickets are free and valid for the entire day. For more information, contact info@quwm.co.za, on 072 861 7425 or 078 007 2470.

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