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Santa Shoebox Project pledging opens September 1

Those wanting to pledge over 20 shoeboxes can jump the queue with a Team Pledge.

From September 1, the Santa Shoebox Project will open pledges to enable kind-hearted citizens to ‘Share the Love’ with 80 000 children in need throughout SA and Namibia.

Every year, the NPO collects and distributes personalised shoeboxes comprising essential items and treats for children.

They have reached 1 152 587 children over the past 17 years.

“Now, in our 18th year, we hope to reach many more, and we need the public’s help to do so,” said Deb Zelezniak, the CEO of the Santa Shoebox Project.

Each shoebox should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a washcloth, school supplies, a toy, sweets and an outfit of clothing – all new, unused and age-appropriate.

Again, they encourage donors to include a duplicate item in their shoeboxes, which the child can, in turn, give to an important person in their life.

“After all, every child should be able to experience the joy of giving. All too often, these children are recipients of hand-me-downs and second-hand items no one else wants,” Zelezniak explained.

“The Santa Shoebox Project impacts its beneficiaries’ lives profoundly. Support the project and do the same.”
Those wanting to pledge over 20 shoeboxes can join forces with family, friends or colleagues and jump the pledging queue with a Team Pledge.

This is Section 18A tax deductible and as a Level One Contributor to B-BBEE, Santa Shoebox earns its supporters 135% procurement recognition.

Drop-off points, dates, and all the other info needed can be found on the Santa Shoebox Project website.

About the Santa Shoebox programmes

Traditional Santa Shoebox: over the last 17 years, 1 152 587 Santa Shoeboxes, each containing eight specified items of treats and essentials, were given to underprivileged and socially vulnerable children throughout SA and Namibia.

From September 1 each year, Santa Shoebox donors choose their beneficiary child/ren by name, age and gender and are given the child’s clothing size. Each personalised shoebox reaches the child for whom it was pledged.

Using the Santa Shoebox app, donors can track their shoebox from the pledge to the moment it is given to the child.

Virtual Santa Shoebox: these shoeboxes are purchased online by donors and are available year-round, meeting the needs of donors who live far from drop-off points, are too busy to shop or have health issues.

The donor chooses the components on the Santa Shoebox website. The shoeboxes are packed by the Santa Shoebox team and delivered to children attending far-flung rural facilities. A virtual shoebox contains the eight specified items and additional items, such as a lunchbox and books. A Virtual Santa Shoebox costs R450 plus an optional delivery fee of R30.

Santa Shoebox Legacy: corporate sponsors cover all Santa Shoebox project operating costs. Privately donated funds have accrued under the SSB Legacy Fund, now used to bring permanent change to the lives of Santa Shoebox beneficiary children and their impoverished communities.

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