Victim beaten up badly after being kidnapped in Mayberry Park

A kidnapping case has been opened at Brackedowns SAPS.

A 23-year-old survived a kidnapping, after being taken in Mayberry Park on August 22.

The owner of REACT-24, Garfield Venter, said they received a call from residents claiming their son had gone missing.

“At 23:45 the parents of the 23-year-old received a phone call from an anonymous caller. They claimed to have their son and demanded a ransom of R10 000. My officers notified me and we immediately put plans in motion to get the young male home safely,” said Venter.

Upon contacting the mother, Venter and three other security officers convinced the kidnappers to collect the ransom money.

In response to Venter’s instructions, the Mayberry Park mother followed them. As soon as she got the ransom money, she told the kidnappers she wanted a sign of life.

REACT-24 officers then hid in a nearby house until the suspects arrived.

After scanning the street to ensure that there were no police in the area, the suspects stopped at the boy’s home.
Once the vehicle stopped, the mother came out and demanded to see her son. The suspect stepped out and handed him over to her. Officers pounced but the suspects fled.

Despite being severely beaten up, the young man is still recovering at a local hospital after being transported by REACT-24 officers.

A kidnapping case was opened at Brackendowns SAPS.

According to Venter, they achieved their goal, which was getting the son back safely.

“It was an outstanding performance by my entire response team in that situation, and I would like to thank them for that.”

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