Huge potholes in Alrode pose danger to motorists

Alrode potholes, a major concern to motorists.

It is with a heavy, but angry heart that I am writing this letter.

What on earth is happening to our roads in Alrode?

There are huge, and I mean huge potholes on the roads and when it rains, it is almost impossible to see where the potholes are unless you are familiar with the roads.

When the roads are ‘fixed’ they deteriorate when it rains again. Poor workmanship!

Please send someone out to come and check Combrinck Road, just before the road joins Garfield.

People have even put plastic chairs in these huge holes to try and warn motorists that the road cannot be driven on in that section.

Not even these huge trucks can drive over the potholes, let alone normal vehicles.

What is being done about it? Absolutely nothing! It has been like this since October 2019, and it is getting worse and worse. Another factor is that on this road, there is a blocked manhole, and as a result, water is just gushing down this road.This has also been ongoing since early 2019. It was ‘fixed’ but this did not even last one day.

What is happening to the water? Is it fresh water or contaminated water, what?

I am now relying on the Alberton RECORD to try and get some answers from the municipality, as you cannot phone them.

Phones are not answered at all!

Irate resident

The RECORD requested comment from EMM which will be published as soon as it has been received.

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