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That’s a wrap for #SONA2019. Here’s what you may have missed …

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the State of the Nation Address this evening. Catch all of the action here ...

President Cyril Ramaphosa has kicked off his State of the Nation Address 2019.

According to a tweet by , “President says it’s an honour to deliver the 25th annual State of the Nation Address in a free and democratic South Africa. .”

National Security Council to be re-established

Inclusive economic growth

Drive to attract investment

Youth and the economy

Ramaphosa said the government had developed initiatives to assist young people into the economy.

Ramaphosa added that they had launched the Youth Employment Service that places unemployed youths into companies for paid internships. This helps to introduce them into the job sector, Ramaphosa explained.

Agriculture, tourism and the ocean economy were important sectors for employing the youth, said Ramaphosa.

Developing the agricultural sector is important to ensure food security, said the president.

They aim to make more land available for agriculture and construction so that the process of land reform can be accelerated, said the president.

‘Fantastic work’ has been done through the inter-ministerial committee on land reform and land parcels owned by the state for distribution have been identified, the president explained.

Ten million tourists have come to our country in the past year, said Ramaphosa.

eVisa regime

Highest priority this year will be the introduction of a new visa regime, said Ramaphosa.

Telecommunications sector

“The telecommunications sector boasts vast opportunities for growth.”

Water scarcity

He described how we were confronted by water scarcity and explained the interventions that would be implemented.

School sanitation facilities

An audit found that nearly 4 000 schools still have ‘inappropriate sanitation facilities’ and he said they were determined to eradicate these ‘inappropriate sanitation facilities’ within the next three years.

He stressed the important role of business within this.

State-owned entities

“We want out SOEs to be fully self-sufficient.”

It is ‘imperative’ that all those who use electricity, over and above the free electricity that is provided, should pay for that electricity, he said, adding that this would be elaborated on in the budget speech.


Education and the development of skills need to be a priority, said Ramaphosa.

This year, the government will migrate ECD centres from social development to the basic education department, he said.

Reading and comprehension in the first few years of school would be prioritised, said Ramaphosa.

Over the next six years, they would provide every child in school with a digital learning device, said Ramaphosa. He added that they would include multi-phase, farm and rural schools.

Gender-based violence

Human settlements

We need to develop new ways to develop human settlements. A new human settlements bank would be developed to assist with funding, explained Ramaphosa.

Social grants

He said there are 17.5 million social grants provided to citizens every month.

He said significant progress in the transition from CPS to the Post Office had been made.

Investigating directorate

An investigating directorate is needed in the NPA to deal with cases of serious corruption, said Ramaphosa.

Future of SA

“Today, we choose to be a nation that is reaching into the future,” said Ramaphosa.

He called on South Africans to add their input on how the state could be reconfigured.

Election Day

Ramaphosa announced that the 2019 election day would be held on 8 May.



Ramaphosa said it was a priority to get the economy back on track.

Before it all began …

Ahead of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address, here are some tweets of who was spotted outside the National Assembly.


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