Soweto man moored in Alex

ALEXANDRA – Temptation leads car breaker to jail


A Soweto-born man who resided in Alexandra received more than what he bargained for through his criminal conduct.

Doyle Magubane was beaten up on 21 September by residents for theft from a motor vehicle, a VW Jetta which was parked at Pan Africa Mall. He was rescued and arrested by police officers and appeared in the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court where he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the offence.

It transpired that the residents beat and dragged Magubane out of the vehicle after its owner saw him inside minutes after he had left it locked. He (Magubane) admitted in court to the theft of a wallet, cell phone and money claiming that he was lured by the sight of coins that were next to the gear lever of the vehicle. It is suspected that he jammed the vehicle’s locking system when the owner exited.

During the trial, he was also found to have a pending warrant of arrest for an unspecified offense committed elsewhere and for which he now waits for another hearing.

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