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Mother saves toddler’s life

A mother revived her 20-month-old child after she found him lying face down in a swimming pool, on Tuesday.

ER24 paramedics responded to the incident in Western Extension shortly after 9am.

“On arrival, ER24 paramedics were met by a woman running to them, holding her son,” said ER24 JHB East spokesperson Glen Orritt.

“They were told by the mother that she had been cleaning inside the house when things became quiet and she noticed that her child was no longer playing on the floor beside her.

“She immediately ran outside and found her son lying face down and motionless in the water.”

According to Orritt, the mother grabbed the little boy from the water and started CPR.

He said that, in less than a minute, the child started coughing and the mother kept him face down and summoned help from neighbours.

The boy was in a stable condition when the paramedics arrived on the scene.

Both the child and mother were transported to hospital.

Orritt said if it was not for the woman’s quick actions, the outcome could have have been a lot worse.

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  1. Great news that Mom saved her child. However in a world where we have heard and read many stories of drowning babies and children in swimming pools – why are people still not taking responsibility and fencing their swimming pools in to protect against this?

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