Tribute to Carol Tucker

Carol Tucker retires after 37 years

Carol Tucker, a Rynfield Primary School teacher, has retired.

In 1977, at the age of 21, she began her teaching career, that was to last for 37 years.

With her academic programme, she was also involved in coaching netball, swimming, tennis and athletics.

In 1999 Tucker was appointed head of department for educational guidance, a role she described as “rewarding”.

“This has been a most challenging and rewarding position; I have had the opportunity to assist many children and families over the years,” she said.

“They have allowed me the opportunity to share sadness and difficulties as well as joy with those children who have required my guidance.”

Tucker was also in charge of the Rotakids at Rynfield Primary and instilled the motto of “The highest form of living is giving”.

She has also been honoured with a Vocational Award by the Benoni Aurora Rotary Club for her commitment to the Rotakids.

At one of her functions, Tucker took time to thank the children she has taught at Rynfield Primary School, for making her teaching years memorable.

“Thank you for showing me the world through the eyes of a child,” she said.

“For showing me that a whisper speaks louder than a shout and that it is good to laugh and that kindness is precious.

“To all the children I have taught, to your families and to the staff of Rynfield Primary School, thank you for making my teaching journey so memorable.

“To each and everyone of you, I wish you love and happiness.

“May you become the person God intended and may you attain your goal, and, one day, when we meet again, we will say with pride: ‘we were from Rynfield Primary School’.”

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  1. Carol Tucker is truly a remarkable person and deserves to be praised for her amazing work done at Rynfield primary school. A very special person among us all . thank you Carol and may you be blessed all your life.

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