Benoni: “sewer of the East Rand”

Johan Liddorings, from Benoni, writes:

Recently I attended a function at the Benoni City Hall

To say the least, I was shocked and dismayed at the state of the complex.

The first thing was raw sewage running out of a long time broken pipe; this was followed by uncut grass, no flowers in the beds (just weeds and litter), weeds growing out of the driveway and parking area, peeling paint and graffiti on the walls, inside and out.

All this is not noticeable from Prince’s Avenue, due to the unsightly concrete palisade.

I can only assume that this fence is there to stop squatters.

I moved to Benoni in 1972 and the town and town hall were very clean and litter-free.

In just 20 years your party has reduced it to shambles.

For this I would like to thank the ANC for showing us how privileged we really were to have councillors with nous and certain standards.

It looks like your plan is to reduce everything to your low standards, instead of lifting them to help the underprivileged.

Benoni used to be called the “Jewel of the East Rand”.

It should actually be called the “Sewer of the East Rand”.

Get off your gluteus maximus Mr Mayor, and do something.

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