Simple ways to change your look

There are many ways to change your look by just changing your hairstyle or colour.

Some of these simple changes will not even cost you anything.

One very easy way is to just change the way you wear your hair. If you normally wear your hair straight and sleek, try using a curling iron or hot rollers to add volume and bounce to it.

You can accessorise your look by adding Alice bands, clips and pins to your hair.

The 80s look is also back this season, which means big hair.

An easy way to achieve this look is by teasing your hair. The way to tease your hair is to lift it, spray hairspray, tease the hair 10 times, and add more hairspray then separate the hair using your fingers.

Another way to change your look is to change your colour.

With spring upon us now dark colours, such as chocolate and tobacco browns are out.

Warm shades will be in this season. Especially Ombre colouring, which starts out dark at the roots and gets lighter towards the tips. This gives you the “sun-kissed” look.

Reds and coppers are not recommended for summer, as the sun fades the colour leaving you with a brass look.

The Brazilian blow wave will also be in this season. Having a Brazilian blow wave before going to the coast will help keep unmanageable hair under control.

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