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Residents form watch to tackle social ills

Residents in Suffolk Place are fed up with the lack of service delivery.

SUFFOLK Place residents have formed a neighbourhood watch in an attempt to tackle issues of crime, prostitution and filth in the area after Metro Police, Durban Solid Waste and SAPS have failed to respond to their pleas for help.

Residents say they have called on Metro Police to take action against the drivers of trucks and buses who park their vehicles in the road effectively blocking off driveways and preventing them from entering or exiting their properties. “We can’t even get out of our driveway some days. The vehicles block driveways all around us. The councillor, Nicole Graham, brought Metro Police to see the area and an officer said he would do a follow up, but nothing came of it. We have noise day and night from a nearby business, and nothing is done to enforce by-laws. I don’t know why Metro Police does nothing,” she said.

Angry residents are also targeting Durban Solid Waste for failing to clean up the area and say a spike in break-ins in Suffolk Place and surrounding roads in recent weeks received little reaction from local SAPS.

One resident described Suffolk Place as the forgotten part of Glenwood as little was done to enforce by laws or clean up the area. “Residents in Suffolk Place, Lincoln Place and Genive Place have had a lot of break-ins recently and the police don’t respond. We have had four break-ins at our home alone. There is a pathway from Gale Street to Suffolk Place which is used by prostitutes who leave used condoms lying around there, along with other rubbish. There is no service delivery in our road, DSW does not come and clean up,” he said.

Councillor Nicole Graham said confirmed that she had visited the area and met with residents on a few occasions. “DSW did clean up once but haven’t done so regularly as requested. I also visited the area with Morgan Subramoney from Metro Police to highlight the parking problems and request action as it is out of hand,” she said.

In response, spokesperson for DSW, Neeri Moodley said there had unfortunately been a back log in the area but that DSW was attending to the matter and would address the issue.

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