Rethinking access control

ADT Security encourages businesses to instal access control systems to control entry.

NO matter the type or size of your business, keeping threats out is important and, according to Martin Kriel from ADT Security, access control systems allow you to do just that.

“In order to control who enters and leaves the property it is necessary to take appropriate and adequate precautions,” said Kriel.

“Small businesses may not necessarily require complex systems but rather a basic set-up that detects and deters intruders and that documents movement into and out of a property. Single-door access control, photo-ID badges for visitors or a web-hosted access control system may be sufficient as it can assist to minimise loss from burglary, theft and inventory shrinkage,” he said.

Technology has allowed an array of such systems to be developed. These vary in sophistication and include CCTV, time-attendance systems, smart-card technology – that stores employee information – and biometric devices – which use unique traits such as fingerprints, to determine access.

Kriel said access control systems also offer peace of mind that in the event of an emergency you have a direct link to support from your security company.

He suggested considering a lock box, which can only be opened with a specific code – at the front gate in which a remote or spare key can be kept.

“Install a wireless digipad, you determine the four digit access code security officers will use to gain access to your premises in an emergency.

Enquire about a sturdy barrel lock, as the owner or manager you will keep two keys while your security provider has a master key to enable entry when necessary,” said Kriel.

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