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Hop on over to a ‘toad-ally’ cool free exhibition

Jerome, the Giant Bullfrog, weighing in at almost one kilogram, features in the mini-exhibition.

A CELEBRATION of frogs and toads takes place over the weekend on February 25–26 at uShaka Marine World. The ‘toad-ally’ cool event has been organised by the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) which will be hosting a mini-exhibition outside the Dangerous Creatures Reptile House in the uShaka Village Walk.

The exhibition, which is free to the public, will be open from 09:00 to 16:00 on both Saturday and Sunday – and will highlight the diversity of frog species found in South Africa.

“The herpetologists and education staff are looking forward to sharing information on what we can all do to ensure that South Africa remains an ideal home to these very important amphibians,” said Ann Kunz, spokesperson for SAAMBR.

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The exhibition features Jerome, the Giant Bullfrog, caught on camera undergoing a routine medical health check-up.

“One of the parameters senior herpetologist Lesley Labuschagne checked for was weight gain. This hefty frog weighed in at almost one kilogram. Weight gain means different things to different animals, and if you are a frog, a mere 50g weight gain is a cause for celebration,” said Kunz.

“Giant Bullfrogs are indigenous to South Africa and spend most of the year underground in cocoons. They are one of the largest species of frog in South Africa, and as anyone who has ever followed the children’s classic knows, they are to be celebrated and treasured. Not only do they eat whatever bugs them, but they also eat whatever bugs us, too, like flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of other insects. So happy frogs mean happy people,” she added.

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Kunz said South Africa’s frog populations are declining due to development and the subsequent loss of suitable habitats.

“If you are unable to hop down to uShaka Marine World and visit the exhibition, perhaps set aside some time to sit in your garden or the local park and listen to the sounds of frogs and toads and be grateful that these very important amphibians are part of your world,” she concluded.

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