Ensure they eat healthy

It’s back to school time of year again, and with it comes the annual lunchbox dilemmas.

Making your children’s lunches is the only way you can be sure you know what’s going in them. You can tailor them to suit their tastes and choose good-quality ingredients to make them even more nutritious.
Shop-bought sandwiches and snacks are often packed with additives. They can also be loaded with mayonnaise, sauces or dressings which are high in fat and salt.
For a well-balanced meal that will keep your child going all day, aim for a good mix of protein and carbohydrates with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Protein: This is found in a variety of foods so it should be easy to make it part of your lunchtime meal. Eggs, cheese, fish and meat are great in salads, and also make good sandwich fillers. Foods like beans, peas, pulses and lentils are also excellent sources of protein, not to mention equally delicious in any number of cold salads.
Carbohydrates: Bread is the easiest way to get carbohydrates into your lunch. As well as being an excellent source of carbohydrates, bread also provides you with B vitamins, protein, calcium and fibre. There are lots of different speciality breads, so try a few to find your favourites. Pick from naan bread, ciabatta, tortilla wraps, focaccia, bagels, pitta breads, baguettes, seeded breads, fruit breads, crusty rolls and many more.
Fruit and vegetables: Try any of these simple options; a handful of grapes or fresh berries, a piece of fresh fruit, a medium-sized banana, apple, pear or even a glass of 100 per cent unsweetened fruit juice, or a heaped tablespoon of dried fruit. Add four tablespoons of spinach leaves or lettuce to your sandwich or slice cucumber, peppers or carrots into sticks and have them as a snack.
Drinks: Don’t forget to include a beverage, water being the best choice. Liquids are essential for life. Our bodies are made up of more than half water; if we don’t replenish our supplies we won’t survive for more than a few days. Increase the appeal of water by adding fresh fruit juice or crushed fresh fruit, freezing, and serving as fruit slush in funky water bottles.

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