Melitta Ngalonkulu
2 minute read
25 Sep 2020
8:26 am

Draft dagga Bill a downer – experts

Melitta Ngalonkulu

The industry’s hopes dashed by focus on restricting access to and use of cannabis in new legislation.

A man lays cannabis in memory of Julian Stobbs on 8 July 2020. Julian was a half of the well known Dagga Couple that were instrumental in changing the laws regarding cannabis and its use in South Africa. He was shot and killed during a home invasion. Picture: Neil McCartney

Two years ago, the Constitutional Court decriminalised the possession and cultivation of cannabis by adults for personal private consumption. It was a historic day that gave many weed lovers on a natural high. After the long wait for the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bil to be made public, the industry’s hopes and expectations slumped when it was tabled in parliament on 1 September. The call for comments opened on 9 September and closes on 9 October. According to industry experts, it’s not what was in the Bill that resulted in the anticlimax, it’s how it has “completely missed the mark”...