Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
7 minute read
26 Oct 2021
4:33 pm

South Africans are truly fed up with country’s metros, survey reveals

Ina Opperman

Cape Town’s citizen satisfaction is higher, but people in Mangaung have clearly lost all hope of ever receiving decent services.

Picture: iStock

The latest Citizen Satisfaction Survey shows how fed up people are with the country's metro municipalities on the eve of local government elections, with a 2021 overall satisfaction score for the metros of only 51.1 out of 100 index points compared to 55.7 in 2020, the lowest point in five years. The overall expectations index showed a decline of 10 out of 100 index points to 63.2, from an average of 73.4 in 2020, indicating a concerning breakdown in citizens' trust in their metros’ ability to deliver services. All metros showed a decline, except Nelson Mandela Bay which showed a...