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31 Aug 2021
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Keep your business connected with Telkom Business Multisite Internet


If you sign up for Business Multisite Internet within in the next three months, you can pay just R1.99 per megabyte.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way small and medium businesses operate. The national lockdown and social distancing efforts have prompted businesses to work remotely, which means they require better connectivity, to operate from wherever and whenever.

As a champion of the SMME, Telkom Business has launched Business Multisite Internet (BMI). A first of its kind in the market, uncapped, unlimited internet offering that can be shared by 21 remote users, including the admin user, from any location. This will enable business owners and employees to have access to fixed office internet from one account.

Through BMI, businesses have the option to enjoy uncapped internet or cap their internet usage for certain users. Each internet account has a minimum of 20 gigabytes of data that all 21 sites can use.

BMI users have access to the user-friendly Telkom internet portal which they can use to add and cancel sites. Through the portal, businesses can also change or remove caps for individual sites. Business owners and managers can also use the portal to access detailed usage reports and monitor the usage of data in their business. Users can also access banking sites, education and Telkom websites at zero-rates.

Telkom Business Chief Commercial Officer Dumisani Bengu says “Many small and medium businesses have had to make drastic changes to their daily operations because of the Covid-19 pandemic including cutting costs and incorporating remote and hybrid work models. As a result, businesses need cost-efficient services that will help them to get productive and stay in business. BMI enables businesses to stay connected with employees and stakeholders while navigating the new way of doing business.”

To open a BMI account, businesses pay an activation fee of just R99 for each Telkom Internet Number (TIN) account. One TIN account will be created to host 21 site users.

“Through Business Multisite Internet, businesses can pay for data that they actually use and have access to data management tools that can allow them to manage their use of data and save on costs,” Bengu says.

To get your business connected through BMI, you need the following:

  • New or existing broadband access (DSL or Fibre) including third party fibre access.
  • A company or business domain to link all the sites for the customer.
  • A TR69 approved router/modem to use with site internet details for internet connection (both for admin site 1 & 20 site users).
  • Normal business customer required documentation.

If you sign up for Business Multisite Internet within in the next three months, you can pay just R1.99 per megabyte. The standard price will be R4 per meg and customers will pay for the total usage for all sites once a month.

To find out more about the Telkom BMI deals, please visit Multisite Internet.

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