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Crossing becoming dangerous again

Tall grass and weeds are again obscuring the view of motorists.

A T-junction on Dolomite Drive in Carletonville is becoming dangerous again due to the municipality’s lack of maintenance.

The Herald has previously reported that drivers wanting to turn onto Dolomite from Talc Road often struggle because of the overgrown grass and reeds on the sidewalk.

By Monday, drivers had to drive over the stop street onto Dolomite again to see oncoming traffic due to the obscured vehicles.

Water or sewage was leaking over the crossing on Monday, and a leak is probably also the reason why the reeds, in particular, are growing so fast.
Several long-time residents, like Mr John Templeton, have previously pointed out that the continual leaks in this area pose a significant risk of causing sinkholes. There are no houses between Talc Road and Moraea Street or across the road from Dolomite Road because the homes and other structures that used to be there had to be demolished due to sinkholes decades ago.

The Herald took the issue to the Merafong City Local Municipality on Monday.

“The municipality will attend to the grass and reeds at the corner and Talc and Dolomite as soon as possible. It comes from a recurring blockage that we will address again,” the municipal marketing and communications manager, Mr Temba Fezani, responded.

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