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Robbers rape woman

As far as could be determined these thugs have still not been arrested.

As if robbing her was not enough, house robbers also raped a Carletonville woman on Protea Street on Sunday, 19 May.

The woman was asleep in her back room when she heard someone trying to open the door around 00:15. The thugs forced the door open, and two, wearing balaclavas and wielding a knife and handgun, burst into her room.
“Where is your husband?” they asked in Zulu and Sotho.

When the woman said her husband was at work, they demanded cash and searched the room.

One thug then proceeded to rape the woman.

They grabbed two cell phones and the money in the room before running away.

A member of the police’s FCS (Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences) unit took the woman to the hospital.

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