Rapid response prevents crime in Glenvista

Through collective efforts, Fox Security and the community strive to maintain a safe and secure environment for all residents of Glenvista.

Fox Security has once again demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Glenvista residents with the apprehension of suspects involved in recent criminal activities.

The first incident unfolded on Vorster Avenue, Glenvista, following a report from a community group about a house burglary. Quickly responding to the call, Fox Security’s tactical and reaction units, in conjunction with Mondeor CPF Sector 1, arrived at the scene.

The suspect with the stolen goods, in Glenvista.

However, the situation escalated when the suspect produced a knife, threatening one of the officers before attempting to flee. Despite the situation, the suspect was successfully apprehended, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the units.

In a separate incident, another community member alerted Fox Security to suspicious activity involving theft from a premises. Without delay, the tactical team mobilised and apprehended the suspect.

A Fox Security officer with the suspect in Walsingham Road.

On Walsingham Road, Glenvista, Fox Security stopped an attempted break-in by two suspects. While one suspect managed to evade capture, the Fox team arrested the other who was detained at Mondeor SAPS.

“Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to Fox Security at 011 867 3770,” said Francois Jansen, operations director.

The suspect arrested in Vorster Avenue.

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