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3 Oct 2016
11:20 am

‘Uzalo’ this week: Dhlomo is disgusted with Sibahle

Citizen Reporter

What has Sibahle done to deserve such a reaction from Dhlomo? Watch 'Uzalo' this week to find out.

Monday October 3

Ayanda and the congregation are in shock about how the live TV broadcast ends. Pravesh holds Nosipho hostage and threatens to kill her. Dhlomo is disgusted with Sibahle. Pastor Nkosi’s injuries shake Ayanda and the congregation. Mxolisi is taken to hospital, near death.

Tuesday October 4
MaNzuza and MaNgcobo find themselves questioning if they are allies or enemies as both their sons need them. Mamlambo is shocked as the true extent of Pastor Nkosi’s corruption starts to reveal itself. A drunk hails Ayanda as a hero that killed an Apostle unwittingly making him feel worse about what he did.

Wednesday October 5

Mabuza reveals what his good Samaritan act was all about and Mxolisi fears going back to jail. Bail doesn’t make Ayanda feel any less guilty for having blood on his hands. Someone falls in love at first sight while Smangele wants to unburden herself of her secret.