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20 Oct 2017
1:35 pm

Anele Mdoda’s hilarious advice to man whose girlfriend has cheated twice

Citizen Reporter

Anele has told this man to not let Satan get into his bedroom and separate him from his girlfriend.

Anele Mdoda.

A man recently took to social media to complain about his cheating girlfriend in a post that has gone viral.

“So my girlfriend is pregnant again with her second child, and neither of them are mine,” the brokenhearted man wrote.

His sad statement was noticed by TV personality Anele Mdoda, who gave him advice that he will probably never forget.

In a lengthy comment, Anele told him to stay in the relationship and not allow “Satan” to get into his bedroom. She advised him to pray for his woman, as women too made mistakes.

“Love her better, and she will be better. Build an empire with her and forget these distractions,” she said.

In fact, those men who impregnated his woman wanted him to leave, and he should not give them that satisfaction.

Read her full advice below:

Her followers found the advice hilarious, though they agreed with her and said women were always expected to stay with a cheating man, it was time men returned the favour.

“Yes wena girl, women are expected to love their men through and through. He must just pray for her to have meningitis and eventually she will be blind,” said one, who was referring to last week’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding in which the bride said she was happy her man was blind because he would not cheat on her again.

“He must wash her feet and serve her food, let’s not forget duties in bed, she won’t look outside again … kalok he must persevere marriage is hard work. And he must be on his knees praying for her because that’s what a man of faith does,” added another.