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20 Nov 2017
6:51 am

Dintle initiates a nasty plan this week on ‘Scandal’

Citizen Reporter

Watch 'Scandal' this week as the drama unfolds.

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Monday November 20

A mother’s determination to protect her child causes strain and disagreement in several relationships. Mlungisi steps up on behalf of a family member. Neo starts to woo an unlikely candidate to be his friend.

Tuesday November 21

Dintle makes use of technology to initiate a very nasty plan. Maletsatsi is confronted with a mortifying and extremely worrying truth. Mlungisi finds himself being drawn into an unnerving situation.

Wednesday November 22

Accusations are thrown around, none of which are true, but all of which have consequences. Maletsatsi panics, but is determined to keep her fears from the world. Mlungisi walks in on a bizarre situation.

Thursday November 23

A truthful explanation is not believed, and an accusation leads to confusion. Phindile is puzzled and upset when a friend seems to be turning against her. Mlungisi displays uncharacteristic behaviour, which an unlikely ally tries to explain away.

Friday November 24

Romeo is determined to get the truth, but someone else reveals it before Romeo finds out anything. A wardrobe mishap creates major concern. Zinzile is not happy when she is fed excuses.