Daniel Friedman
1 minute read
9 Oct 2018
3:57 pm

WATCH: Angry political analyst calls Ndlozi ‘indecent’ on TV

Daniel Friedman

'Just be civilised,' Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana told the EFF spokesperson as their debate degenerated into shouting.

Picture: eNCA screenshot.

Political analyst Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana lost his temper at Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi during a debate on the fate of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene live on eNCA.

The professor was making a point about the fact that Nene was not the only high-ranking politician to have met the Guptas, when Ndlozi began to continually interject, saying Nene had “lied” repeatedly.

This appears to have angered the professor, who countered with, “you have to be civil” before repeating the phrase “You are being uncivil” several times.

Ndlozi then countered Ndletyana’s repetition of “you are being uncivil” with “you are being untruthful. I can’t allow that.”

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The professor then appears to become enraged, shouting at Ndlozi, saying: “Even if you disagree with me at least listen, that’s a basic courtesy. Just be courteous, just be civilised.”

“I don’t like lies, I don’t like to listen to lies,” was the EFF spokesperson’s response.

The professor continued on the same tack, telling Ndlozi, “You are being indecent” and instructing him to “show a bit of courtesy”.

“Let me give you my courtesy then. There is no civilisation in lies. In a propaganda by capital. I don’t bow to lies, I don’t bow to dishonesty,” was Ndlozi’s response.

“We are saying to him in a debate Nhlanhla Nene lied. He keeps focusing on things we are not saying. Why should we allow a person who lies to stay there? Address that, because that’s the debate,” he continued.”

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