Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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9 Jul 2020
3:03 pm

Zodwa opens up: ‘My heart and mind says no more Ben 10s’

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Her relationships with younger men have become a hot topic since her career started, and in a conversation with The Citizen, she says she is looking for something else.

Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram @zodwalibram

Zodwa Wabantu says even though her relationships are widely published for all to see, she is not cheating or hiding herself because her dating life is so public.

Speaking to The Citizen about her love life, the popular and controversial dancer and entertainer said she loved being in love.

Her relationships with younger men, ‘Ben 10s’, have become a hot topic since her career started, as well as the split with fiance, 23-year old Vusi Ngabane, in May this year and the split relationship with Ntokozo Linda in July 2019, whom she once paid lobola for.

“My relationships are public because I have one person at a time, the person I am dating at that time I am spending a lot of time with. So both of my ‘Ben 10’ relationships ended. Now I am looking. I do have somebody now, at least I am not cheating.

“Nobody can say they saw me at night, crawling or hiding myself because I am open to the public. They all know who and that I am in the dating scene. Everybody can hella at me, I am just living my life. It’s not as dirty as it sounds, I am not on a dating spree. No, I am not f**king everyone.”

She said women could express and do whatever they want.

“Other than hiding yourself, stealing other people’s husbands, boyfriends. But do you, I will be publicly declaring my relationship and that I am in love, I won’t be hiding that boyfriend.”

Zodwa said she now had become guarded, that she would only show off her boyfriend once she knew she was really happy because fame could be an influential factor.

“Fame can get to them, yhuuu, it can destroy our relationship.

“The person I’m with now I won’t show him off, I still want to see where we are going. If it ends then I can at least say I didn’t have a man. Then I will say I am still looking.”

She recently posted on her Instagram of the new man in question but won’t reveal his name. She said she was in a space where she was self-reflecting and that dating younger men was her preference.

“I need someone older now, not because of marriage or the relationship. I need somebody older who’s going to challenge me, where we f**k each other’s brains about finances, cars, houses, and businesses. I am open now, I really looked at myself and my life as in, ‘what are you doing, do you want another Ben 10? My heart and mind said no. Maybe someone older will make sense.”

Zodwa reminded people that her brand since she started in the entertainment was flaunting her body proudly and said the bad criticism of her was usually her being controversial.

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