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19 Mar 2021
4:44 pm

Comedian Tyson Ngubeni ‘Bob Connor’ suiting up for TV gig

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Financial game show will see the winning contestants win half a million rand.

Comedian Tyson Ngubeni. Picture: Supplied

One of the shining lights that came out of 2020 in the entertainment industry was the introduction of hilarious comedian and viral content creator Tyson Ngubeni, aka Bob Connor.

Ngubeni’s talented ways of imitating sports commentators have been a necessary comic relief during unprecedented times. Who can ever forget his character Bob Connor hysterical dialogue describing South African culture and many other videos that have been frequently shared on our timelines.

His career continues to skyrocket and from advertising gigs, he will now host a financial game show on called Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show.

The show will see South African families among the many contestants testing their financial skills for an ultimate prize of R500 000.

Tyson tells us all things money and his style of comedy:

This is your first television debut as a host outside advertising, why did you choose a financial game show?

When the opportunity presented itself, I auditioned because it’s the kind of show I would have loved to watch. I’m quite big on creating work that I’d also enjoy watching or consuming. I also understood that it would present a different challenge to the live shows I’ve become accustomed to over the years. It’s been an amazing chance to collaborate with people who bring expertise and loads of experience, so I feel like I’ve learnt from them and grown.

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Follow up… Why not your own comedy or daily/weekly show?

That kind of show can definitely still happen! My life story and journey in performance has had detours and sometimes unexpected steps, but I’m always looking to take whatever learnings I can into the next project. Even though that kind of show hasn’t happened yet, I wouldn’t discount it altogether.

What have been your biggest financial mistakes and lessons in your life?

The biggest mistake was probably underestimating the value of long-term savings when I got my first job at that call centre back in 2007. Sure, at the time, I ended up saving enough for my first year at university, but there are always opportunities to be thinking even further down the line in terms of what your financial decisions could be doing for you.

Your career is soaring, congratulations. The saying; ‘More money more problems, do you believe this statement is true?’

Biggie and Diddy had a point, sure. But to be honest, I place greater emphasis on consequences for every decision. I’m grateful that I have a clear sense of what I want for myself in the short and long term, so I base my choices on an overarching vision. That helps keep me in check.

Currently, what has been the best financial investment you have made?

It’s been a combination of long-term mutual fund investments and also being rigorous in preparing for all sorts of eventualities.

Your co-host financial guru Nicolette Mashile knows a thing or two, has she given you any money advice yet?

I bombard Nicolette with questions between shows and sometimes between takes. We chat about everything from her presenting insights to the many nuggets in her book What’s Your Move?

Is savings your motto and what should the youth focus on in their finances?

I never used to be great at saving, but it’s massive for me now. The pandemic’s impact on live performers and other creatives has been devastating. I think any effort by young people to try better understand finances goes a long way. If that starts with a better savings habit and grows from there, I’m all for it.

Not many people would think finance and money would make for great entertaining TV, how will Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show be engaging for the audience and fun to watch?

I love nothing more than being entertained while learning at the same time. The show is structured so you get the best of both and there’s always the sense that both competing teams are totally in it until the very end. Each episode builds up to quite an exciting conclusion.

Will Bob Connor make an appearance on the game show?

Bob and a few other characters pop into pretty much each episode! It’s a fun balancing act of keeping the game moving with clarity while allowing for the odd quirky character moment.

Follow up: Do people think this is your only style of comedy and is there some form of the frustration of that perception?

There’s no frustration with people’s assumptions, mainly because I know and understand the breadth of my capabilities and that’s enough for me. If social media content and occasional commercial are people’s only reference of me, that’s fine because I suppose they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the other elements of performance I’m capable of. There’s years of theatre and stand-up experience to draw on.

What can we expect from you next?

I’m looking forward to collaborating with fellow creatives and also to see where the writing takes me. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and there’s so much to be achieved by putting our heads together and growing in unison.

Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show will premier on 3 April on at 6pm.

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