Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
7 Jun 2015
8:00 am

Very Good Girls movie review

Leon van Nierop

Friendship is at the heart of this rather funny, but often clumsy little film that might convince you to buy a second box of popcorn because you are acutely aware that you need to do something with your hands.

BEST FRIENDS. From left, Dakota Fanning as Lilly and Elizabeth Olsen as Gerri. Picture: Nu Metro

It’s about two best friends, well-played by Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, who have done everything together, except share a man. So what happens when a narcissistic beach boy, the laid-back Boyd Holbrook with his sun-bleached hair, sells them ice cream? He starts dating them both and is setting them up against each other. So is good old-fashioned lust going to get the better of the two sunny girls or is real friendship stronger than mere sexual attraction and a desire to lose their virginity?

There is little more to say about this average film than to appreciate the star quality of two fine young actresses who manage to keep the film afloat. And Boyd Holbrook, good-looking as he is, is not in the same league as the girls (Holbrook was, at the time, engaged to Olsen), so it is difficult to understand how these two feisty, brainy girls can actually give up their virginity for him.

Good-looking people in awkward situations, some romantic beach scenes, the odd well-built young man and radiant smiles aren’t enough to salvage this one from going straight to DVD hell as soon as it exits the cinemas in two weeks’ time.