Adriaan Roets
3 minute read
4 Nov 2015
5:31 pm

Happenings in the Dan Nicholl Show

Adriaan Roets

Here's what happens during the filming of The Dan Nicholl Show

Last night the first episode for the second season of The Dan Nicholl Show was shot at the SuperSport Studio in Randburg.

After a successful first season earlier this year The Dan Nicholl Show returns to SuperSport 1 tonight at 7pm for an engaging hour of TV.

Each week promises a trio of guests thriving in the world of entertainment, lifestyle and sport. These guests join Nicholl in studio for light-hearted banter and tongue-in-cheek conversation about their lives.

If you tune in tonight expect to see shock jock and Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff, Springboks World Cup winner Ashwin Willemse and former Proteas player Mark Boucher.

What you won’t see is what happens during the taping of the show. Here’s everything you need to know from behind the scenes at tonight’s episode.

  • Before taking their seats the audience gets plied with drinks (free of charge) at the mini bar set up next to the set. This helps liven up the audience and ensures they have the opportunity to grab a bottle of water or a soft drink before braving the hot studio lights. By the time the show was over most of the audience members had a ring of sweat on their back from the plastic seats combined with the lights.
  • Audience members get name cards to wear beforehand so everyone can mingle.
  • It takes about five minutes for everyone to take their seats. Some people are moved around to ensure the section where the audience camera hovers looks full.
  • All audience members are asked to remove their name tags and keep their phones and handbags out of the shot.
  • The floor manager is incredibly nice. He gives the audience direction on when to applause. He also introduces Dan to the audience before the cameras start to roll.
  • Dan gives a brief summary of what the episode will entail. Last night he mentioned the guests Gareth Cliff, Ashwin Willemse and Mark Boucher, before he asked the audience to switch their cell phones to silent, and to take as many pictures as possible of their time on the set. They also ask the audience not to take videos.
  • When the cameras start to roll it’s pretty much down to business. The producers try to shoot the show as close to the date it’s intended to air so it still feels fresh. While filming the show is shot the way it looks on screen, although there are a few retakes when mistakes creep in.
  • During the first episode Dan started laughing at a comment Mark Boucher made. Parts of that segment had to be redone.
  • Mark Boucher’s entry also had to be re-shot because of lighting issues.
  • During the commercial breaks the audience is allowed to take a sip from their drinks, but are mostly not allowed to leave for the bathroom.
  • Make-up touch-ups on Dan and the guests also take place during commercial breaks.
  • The guests and audience get to see the same inserts as viewers at home. This is so the cameras can catch audience and guest reactions to the insert. On tonight’s episode there is a hilarious insert featuring Dan Nicolls singing with Kurt Darren. The TV that shows the inserts are in the middle of the set.
  • Gareth Cliff discusses online engagement and why Cliff Central occupies an interesting media space.
  • Mark Boucher talks about his efforts to curb rhino poaching, as well as being part of cricket history.
  • Ashwin Willemse talks a lot about his autobiography as well as the recent Rugby World Cup.
  • The inserts featured in tonight’s show were shot in London during the RWC.
  • Even with the second takes the entire 1 hour episode took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to shoot.
  • The three guests received two bottles of Ernie Els wines and a black gift bag at the end of the show when the cameras stopped rolling.
  • Audience members are allowed to take pictures with the guests when the episode wraps.
  • Audience members also get to tuck into a buffet meal (provided by Nando’s) after the show.
  • The audience reactions in the finished product are sincere, considering they are in on the joke during filming.